Useful Websites

English Word Information
English-Word Information is a searchable site with extensive words and definitions for hundreds of roots. Many of the words also include histories and lengthy explanations.

Learn That Word

Learn That Word is a quick reference to more than 350 Roots, with at least one example for each and a good reference for Suffixes as well.


Online Etymology Dictionary is not exactly about root words, but is sometimes useful in figuring out how the root got embedded in the word in the first place.

*With thanks to SE for information about the listed websites!

Word Study in Honors 10

Semester 1:  Latin/Greek root word study
Students will study roots daily, compiling lists of words that meet the root criteria.
When the class has studied 10 root sets, students will take a challenging test.

Students can access lists of Semester 1 roots by clicking on the link above.  Once at the Forms and Docs page, students should look for the list in the Honors English 10 folder.

In Quarter 2, we will add words from our advanced reading and from the WordWright Competition materials.

Semester 2:  Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes, SAT/ACT prep vocabulary
Word study expands in second semester to include prefixes and suffixes.