Visual Text Activity

What to do:
1.  Student pairing
  • pass out clock partner sheet
  • get students up and moving - find "dates" for Noon, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
  • When all are done, announce time.  Record is 2:12 for a large group
  • May set whatever parameters you wish for the "dates" - same/close birthdays, eye color, hair color, etc.
2.  Pass out postcards; let students list details.

3.  Call out a time and students move to pairs:  Share, add to details.

4.  Ask 2 sets of pairs to form a group of 4 students:  Share, compare, discuss.

5.  Whole group:  Keep returning students to text to support their "reading."

**This exercise teaches students to look for detail.  The goal is accessibility and confidence-building.  Works well to set the stage for a reading.

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